Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay is perhaps one of the most romantic spots in Riviera Maya. From luxury villas to quaint traditional Mexican bungalows and even a stylish boutique hotel, Soliman is paradise for those seeking a peaceful place to relax or maybe even a honeymoon.

The protected inlet makes this an excellent location for snorkelling and kayaking. Or why not spend the day lounging in one of the hammocks by the sea. There are many other things you can do here such as walks, sunbathing, bird watching, kayaking, gazing at the stars or diving.

Many people love Soliman Bay because it’s like taking a step back in time to a tropical paradise you could only dream of.

There are two small restaurants here, a beachside fish taco palapa and a higher-end fusion eatery, boasting stunning views over the bay.






Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Sian Ka’an Beach

Sian Ka’an Beach

Sian Ka’an translates to “Gift of the sky” in the Mayan language. Since 1987 Sian Ka’an has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most sensitive eco-systems in Riviera Maya.

Here you’ll find 1.3 million acres of wilderness with miles of remote, uninhabited beaches, providing the ideal place to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Due to its remoteness it is often a favourite for celebrities such as Tom Hanks who like to explore the miles of white sand along the coast.

There are a few parking spots for your car at Sian Ka’an, it is also expected to give tips to the security guards. Other beach areas can also be found by searching for an opening in the jungle. This is where you are most likely to find spots where there are literally no other people!

You must keep in mind that since this sandy beach is far removed from the other resorts there are no facilities. So bring along your own towels, sun protection, water, food and beach chairs if possible. The waves can also become dangerous at times, so always stay close to the shore if you plan on taking a dip, as there are no lifeguards.





Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Puerto Morelos Beach

Puerto Morelos Beach

Puerto Morelos is a vibrant fishing village located between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. The village boasts one of the finest, longest stretches of beaches in the whole of Riviera Maya.

Musicians stroll along the sand playing delightful music and fresh ceviche is available from wandering vendors. The Ojo de Agua Beach is also a busy hangout for tourists and locals alike. If you like you can rent out a sun lounger for the day with a parasol and enjoy ice-cold drinks with service right on the beachfront. What more could you ask for!

Puerto Morelos Beach is a perfect spot for swimming and paddling for children as there are hardly ever any strong waves. However, There are a few rocks and pebbles below the water’s surface, so protective footwear is recommended for swimming and snorkelling.

There is a selection of facilities for visitors to enjoy shaded areas, boat and kayak hire, snorkel and boat excursions, restaurants and bars.




Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras is an ideal bay for families to spend the day. Here you’ll find soft white sand, peppered with palm trees, sun loungers, shaded spots and plenty of facilties to choose from.

Puerto Aventuras has very calm sea which makes this beach good for water sports enthusiasts. The kind of sports you will expect to see here are snorkelling, swimming, pedalos, yachting and jet skiing.

You will also find a number of beachside swimming pools, although these are private. There are also several restaurants, bars and dive shops in the nearby marina.

Furthermore, Puerto Aventuras is only 20 minutes south of the world famous Playa del Carmen and 30 minutes north of the Mayan Ruins site in Tulum, located on the beach where it is known that Mayan kings went on holiday.



Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Playacar Beach

Playacar Beach

Playacar beach is a long stretch of fine white sand located in Playa del Carmen. The beach has a reserved area for all-inclusive resorts but there is also a section which is free for the public to use.

The list of facilities is extensive and includes sun loungers, parasols, showers and lifeguards.

There are plenty of watersports on offer at Playacar such as snorkelling, diving, jet skiing, parasailing and yachting. On most days of the year Playacar is safe for swimming, however there can be very windy days and strong currents due to little protection.

A word of warning, Playacar does not have any public restaurants on the beach so bring your own snacks and water if you are thinking of spending the whole day here.

Playacar is very child friendly. The beach is clean and soft, making it perfect for building sand castles! Children can also enjoy paddling in the sea or body boarding!


Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso in Tulum is one of the best beaches in Riviera Maya. This beach has soft white sand and calm blue waters. The bay has a number of facilities such as sun beds, shaded areas, beach bars, restaurants and affordable parking, which is useful if you have hired out a car for the duration of your stay.

The crystal-clear Caribbean sea creates the ideal conditions for snorkelling, with many tropical fish to be seen just a short distance offshore.


Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a wide sandy beach which is much quieter and more relaxed than many of the others in Riviera Maya making it a popular place for families. The sea is clear and calm which makes this beach perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

There is a number of different faciltites such as sun loungers and parasols, water sports, shops, restaurants etc. North Playa del Carmen beach is also lined by a number of cafes, eateries and hotels.

This beach offers soft white sand and footwear on this beach is not required on this beach as the sand doesn’t get to hot and is silky smooth.

This beach can sometimes be very windy due to having nothing protecting the beach.

Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Paamul Beach

Paamul Beach

Paamul Beach is located in a small bay north of Puerto Aventuras. This unspoilt beach features white sands with exposed limestone and plenty of palm trees to relax under.

It is the offshore coral reef that remains among the most breathtaking and well-preserved attractions on Paamul Beach. So don’t forget to bring along your snorkel and flippers and maybe an underwater camera if you have one! It is advised to wear protective footwear when walking into the sea as the surface can be rocky and uneven.

Even though this beach is relatively quiet there are a number of facilities on offer such as sun loungers, parasols, a restaurant, a bar, a mini-market and even a swimming pool is within close proximity.

Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Kantenah beach

Kantenah beach

Situated around 34km away from Playa del Carmen, Kantenah Beach ‘Playa Kantenah’ is the ideal place to go if you’re in search of a secluded bay, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist resorts. Here facilities are limited to sun loungers and parasols, although the fantastic snorkelling opportunities more than make up for it. If you’re lucky you may come across some sea turtles and tropical fish, which are both common in the warm Caribbean Sea.

Some turtles even lay their eggs here at certain times of the year! However, these areas are usually sectioned off to keep the hatchlings safe as most turtle species in this region are endangered.

The lack of things to do usually leaves this beach quiet, meaning you’ll always be able to find your perfect spot, even during the peak seasons.


Riviera Maya, Mexico | Beaches | Jade Bay Beach

Jade Bay Beach

Families and couples looking for somewhere to spend the day and soak up the sun should head to Jade Bay beach in Akumal. Here you’ll find fine white sand peppered with a few large rocks in places. The water is very clear, creating the ideal conditions for snorkelling, although protective footwear is recommended due to the rocky floor. There are a number of facilities available for visitors to enjoy, including sun loungers, parasols and kayaks.

Furthermore, at Jade Bay you will also find several residential communities nestled along the shoreline of neighbouring beaches such as South Akumal. These bays feature beautiful beachfront villas and stylish condos built right onto the shimmering sands. Jade Bay is therefore a popular spot for an evening stroll.