Hi! It’s me, Carli Mitch. This video is about how I got a free 6 days stay in a 4 star hotel with all meals included in Spain. Besides the great accommodations and food, I got to meet a lot of amazing people. This program is as good as it sounds and you can do it too! No, they do not ask you to buy a timeshare at the end. It is totally legit and not a scam. I had a wonderful experience. I was able to help others and form great friendships. I highly recommend the program that I did.
My program:

Another similar program:

This was a great way for me to have a cheap vacation in Spain, while helping others.
Watch my other video to learn about why I moved to Spain and how you can get a job through the Spanish government and move to Spain with a job this year!
If you know of a similar program in another country, tell me about it!
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