Bismillah, Masha’Allah, & Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Almighty Allah who Blessed us with everything’s, and May God’s Peace & blessing be on Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and all of the Prophets.

Distinctive Worldwide (Egypt) Take a look at Summarised Report

Historical Egypt Take a look at, By Sheikh Abadir/Imam SH Salahadin Wazir, Egypt is the Heart of Islamic & Human Civilization, A lot of Blessed Maqamat/shrines are in Egypt, Be sure to watch several of the video clip clips for your self, this is Element 1

Element 1 video clip clips involve the Take a look at of Sayidatuna Zaynab, Sayidatuna Nafeesah, Imam Al-Badawi, Imam Al-Dousuqi, Imam Al-Layth, Imam Zinun Al-Masri, Imam Al-Tahawi, Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, and numerous Masajid, and Maqamat, please discover to each Maqamat, Masha’Allah, certainly as they say if you did not take a look at Egypt then you did not take a look at everywhere!

Be aware: Distinctive thank to my great pal & for terrific warm and heartfelt hospitality Amb Merwan Badri, Amb Taye, and Ethiopian Airlines Cairo Manager br. Meftouh Abdulhakim, numerous youthful (for their tireless touring made doable) Hararis who stay in Egypt, Also, specific many thanks & appreciation to Dr Mohammed Zaki Al-J’afari, Egyptian, in Cairo, head of Awqaf & Al-Dawah (in charge of hundreds of Masajid (Mosques) in Cairo, Sheikh ^Auwaydah Othman, head of Dar Al-‘Iftaa Al-Masriyah in Azhar, and numerous Egyptians Imam’s and Sheikhs achieved, and certainly legitimate partnerships in sharing the exact moderated Sunnis, Sufis solidly founded.

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