Welcome to Cadiz Spain!

Does this city glance acquainted? You might realize scenes from Die One more Day with because Cadiz played the function of Havana, Cuba in the well known James Bond film.

You can learn a great deal about the background of Cadiz if you abide by the alterations of the city’s name via the hundreds of years. The Phoenicians named it “Gadir,” or “walled stronghold” then arrived the Berbers who adjusted this term to “Agadir,” which indicates “wall.” In Greek, Cadiz was named named “Gadeira” – in accordance to legend, Hercules established the city soon after his tenth labor. In Roman moments, “Gades” was Cadiz’ Latin name. The Moors ruled in this article for five hundred years, and for the duration of that time the name of the city was “Qadis.”

No subject what we phone it, this city is unquestionably worthy of a check out. Incorporate it to your journey list and be part of us for a tour as we wander via the stunning streets.

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