Watch South African Tourist tries to caress lion in his safari car, and gets attacked

Mumbai: A jungle safari is an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime.

It gives tourists a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Animals are the happiest when they are left alone in a natural surrounding and do not quite appreciate undue attention.

A video of a tourist stroking a lion has gone viral.

In the video shared on YouTube by Wildlife Sightings, we can see a tourist touching a lion to grab its attention.

He strokes the king of the jungle as it looks elsewhere and the consequence could have proved fatal.

On being disturbed, the lion gets angry and roars at the tourist.

The roar sends shivers down the spine of the tourist and he quickly shuts the glass window.

Animals definitely do not appreciate being bullied. They love their privacy as much as we do. And hence it is important for us to respect them.

According to Wildlife Sightings, lions in the plains of the Mara and Serengeti often use vehicles as shades in the absence of trees nearby to escape the scorching rays of the sun.